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Rita Turmi

I was born in Portugal next to the Atlantic Ocean by the end of 1977. Since then I’ve traveled 100 countries, lived in many of them, and keep going back to a few places I call home. My life has a nomadic flow and a sweet grounded tone, well rooted in my heart that beats with the whole. I dedicate my work to the happiness of all beings.

When I was 15 I set out on my spiritual path, guided by the question “What is blue?“. I wanted to understand why there was so much suffering in the world and was trying to find a way of making sense of life. With time, what changed was not the appearance of things, but my perception of everything. The awareness of my perception of things. Tibetan Buddhism was always home, meditation grounded me, and silence was everything. Then came my love for advaita – non duality. The support of community got more and more rooted in my life. And at last I integrated with the wider community – all of nature and the whole of life.

I finished my MSc in Systemic Psychology at the University of Lisbon in 2001, and my MA in Cultural Studies at the University of London in 2008. They connect beautifully with my spirituality, and my later studies in Deep Ecology & Eco-Psychology. At some point I could no longer believe that there was only a personal self to heal. It became crystal clear to me that I am a part of the entire web of life, and that everything I experience here is interconnected with everything else. I am nature, and having that as my perceived reality turns the practice of self care into Earth care – they are never separate.

I remember the day I learned about Nature Deficit Disorder and understood how deeply our connection to nature, and our awareness that we are nature, is related to our well being and to the quality with which we live our lives. We are nature, and any routine that separates us from that wild reality is not a life affirming option. When we are aware of our nature beingness, we consequently act for life on Earth. We don’t over drain ourselves working for sustainability, but we naturally follow regenerative practices that mimic the wisdom present in the rest of nature. It is no longer possible to allow the devastation of our planet and the potential extinction of our species and all other species to go on. We simply act for the preservation of our planet, as we do for ourselves.

boat komodo

Traveling is still my biggest passion, and I’ve learned some the richest lessons on the road. I see world journeys as the wildest invitations for personal growth, exciting transformation, openness to intuition and experiences of life as miracle. The enchantment we can feel on the road, free from the things that slow us down, is a bliss I find nowhere else. Now I’m combining my wild love for nature with my deep dedication to traveling, and I lead groups of people to parts of the world where we deeply connect with nature. Join one of my trips! – coming up soon

If you want to travel but you don’t want to join one of the group trips or you want to travel but for some reason you keep putting it off… check out my Travel Coaching sessions!


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Much gratitude :: Rita