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Here I can tell you a bit about myself and how our paths may potentially cross * if they have crossed already, this is where you can find out more about my journey.

I’m grateful for our lives inter~being.

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I’m a traveler and a dreamer. I move softly around the globe, going where I feel guided to be. I hear dreams and I trust them, we start to dance together and I help them spin into reality. My life is animated by the joy of connection, touched by the warmth of my heart.

I was born by the Atlantic Ocean in Cascais in the last days of 1977. I’ve spent my life in 80 something countries and everything I see has that multi filter. My life has a nomadic flow and a sweet grounded flavor, all rooted in a heart that feels everything is possible. I am committed to being happy for the benefit of all beings.

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I have always had vivid dreams of realities which I couldn’t find present in life around me. I choose to trust these dreams. I wanted to be a raw vegan in 1983 when that wasn’t something people talked about, I knew I would be a world traveler while I lived in a country where that was an alien practice, in a sócio-ético of consumerism I knew I could live without money for a year, I dreamed of community when I was living in individualistic London, I knew I would fall in love with dolphins in the wild before I knew how to get there, and I dreamed to be a nomadic healer when everyone said I needed to root. I love to expand my imagination to reach things that were not here before. I walk the world in gratitude, and hear my heart guiding me to where I can serve. As far as I know, there is a whole world of dreams wanting to be pulled here into lived realities. And I love to connect with that part of this life existence.

When I was 15 I felt very confused with the world. All those dreams I had, and a lived reality that was so more limited than what I sensed could be lived. I had many questions and I couldn’t find answers that were deep enough. Out of all those questions… one of them spoke very loud. “What is blue?“. What is blue? What is blue? I spent years wondering. I couldn’t find fulfilling answers.. nothing felt true nor fresh. I continued to ask the question, knowing there was more to that. In 1995 I met my first teacher of Tibetan Buddhism. I knew immediately that I was on the right path. A depth inside me awoke, and things resonated as authentic. Life became more serendipitous. The appearance of things did not change, and yet I had a different awareness of everything. Later I traveled to Tibet, Nepal and India to continue my spiritual explorations. I was at home and felt blessed, finding the perfect teachers at the right time, following my intuition to guide me to my lessons. My meditation practice grounded me and I was happy to feel life expanding in an awareness I was happy to remember.

My biggest lessons come from travelling – this is my biggest passion in life. I am in awe of the life process and all the miracles and pure joy and wisdom that I encounter all over the world. In 20 years being nomadic, I came to expand how I see the world, who I am, what animates life, and the dance of ongoing miracles. In the traveled miles I found inner safe grounds. I’m deeply grateful for this beautiful planet and to how it welcomes my soft movements. Travelling is the most magical thing I know.

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While continuing my traveling explorations, I also did an MA in Systemic Psychology at the University of Lisbon, and later took an MA in Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London. I love the psychology of human life, to investigate and reflect on how we come to create that which we call “ourselves” and that which we name “our culture”. What I enjoyed the most in academia was the connected and focused friendships, the excitement of think tanks, some deeply enthusiastic professors, the early mornings of profound philosophical group constructions, and the brilliant pieces of writing that have changed my life.

In my time living in London I realized that my life needed more nature. I decided to leave cities. At the same time I started longing for community. Since I left London I only visit cities for short times, when I find very good reasons to go.

I went on traveling, meditating and being in nature. And at some point I didn’t know what to do with all I was learning on my meditation cushion. The experience of meditating felt very distant from the time when I was not meditating. I felt a loud cry inside, pulling me to turn all the awareness into action. I didn’t know how to do it. Then I realized that part of the journey was to be lived in community.

My path towards walking my talk, sharing my world service in groups, and aligning my actions with my values was greatly empowered in the 5 week Ecovillage Design Education course at Findhorn, in Scotland. There I discovered a strong, wildly natural, beautiful, powerful and simple way of living together. I found great tools, like the Way of Council, Sociocracy and Non violent Communication. They all became some of my favorite tools for Social Design and Community Living. I stayed on at Findhorn after the course, and lived in the community for a year, on and off. At Findhorn I experienced for the first time the freedom to fully be myself while being with others. I could apply my love in action in a continued way, in a community that held my process, allowing me to integrate What I learned, which transformed who I was and allowed me to experiment who I could be. I feel immense gratitude for Findhorn.

At that same time Ecopsychology and Deep Ecology naturally flowed into my life, offering names and explanations to things I intuitively knew, things I saw in my practice of Psychology inside closed doors, but for which I did not have names, concrete theorems to point to, nor published researches I could reference. Many times, when I had been with people in a private practice for a psychology session, I had intuitively felt that people needed fresh air, nature connection, to sit by a tree. I learned about Nature Deficit Disorder and finally I could give a name to what my intuition had been trying to say. I started to understand how deeply our connection to nature is related to our well being and to the quality with which we live our lives. We are nature. And any routine that separates us from that wild reality is not a life affirming choice. These discoveries led me to a beautiful process of rewilding myself, relearning to walk barefoot and simplifying my life so I can have a more direct experience of it. Recently I started to organize nature connection workshops with my friend Janine Finlay, in which we share our wild discoveries with others.


In the Spring of 2017 I find myself in Cascais, in the west coast of Portugal – setting my base-camp by the Atlantic. From here I travel to projects/ communities/ companies who ask me to come spend time with them; I also meet people to work one on one; I receive groups for unique sessions; I connect on Skype & ZOOM to people all over the world; and I also prepare exciting world travels and co-dream the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

One of my favorite things is to design tailor made sessions for groups, to work on a process of transformation, to support the starting of a project, to help clarify the group’s mission & vision, to come help a dream come into reality, to transition, to work on conflict transformation, to find resolution, to help set up the group’s governance system, to support decision making processes, to call attention to self development in a group, hold space for grieving, co-create celebration and appreciation, or act at other parts of the natural life process of collectives.

I also love to work one on one, and enjoy the space of connection and intimacy that we can create working in that way. I offer sessions here at my Cascais base-camp, and also via Skype & ZOOM. The sessions sometimes taste like a journey, others like a walk in the forest. They are always unique, tailor made to the moment.

What comes directly from the deep wild part of my soul is my work with Travel Coaching! Every week I have time scheduled for this big passion. Because the world needs more travelers! Remember, there’s a whole world out there waiting to love you!

What is true to all I do, and is at the root of my work, is the simple action of being present and listening, to witness what is there and to allow it to be, allow it to touch me and to inform me – to connect. From that web of connection, the beingness in me moves and feels what to suggest for a particular group or person at that specific moment. I like to combine, integrate, and create using my preferred tools – Mindfulness, Deep Ecology, Nature Connection, Sociocracy, Non Violent Communication, my travelling experience, oracle cards, hiking and mindful walking, the wisdom of ancient cultures, Tibetan Buddhism, Non Duality, the Transformation Game, systems theory, narrative therapy, collaborative dialogic practices, Dragon Dreaming, Shamanism, Giftivism, Love, cooperation and pure joy.

At the moment my life is greatly improving by the practice of Sociocracy. This tool is empowering me to inhabit a space of inclusive governance and transparent participatory collective decision making which I feel had been taken away from me. I feel thrilled repopulating that joyful, fulfilling, and efficient organization system and community space. I am tapping into the real power that can be reclaimed when a group of people finds egalitarian, conscious and creative ways of working together.


I’m happy sharing with the world that which I love to do! Those things that make my heart beat fast, and make me feel full of enthusiasm and excitement for being alive. It’s a joy to share my passion for Social Design, for people’s transformation processes, groups at different times of their cycles, nature, community, and travel! I’m glad to be alive at a time when these practices are becoming more active and common. I trust this path of connection to bring depth and beauty to the world * and I dedicate my work to the benefit of all living beings.

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