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Thank you for coming to my website. I celebrate you being here.

I have a nomadic spirit, and constantly feel curious with life. I’m at home in the world, and nothing makes me happier than long hikes in nature. I’ve been grounded in Tibetan Buddhism for a quarter of a century, explored spirituality in community and keep a non duality investigation. I was born in Portugal and lived in many countries around the world. I have masters in Psychology & Philosophy, a life long connection with mountains & forests, a love for whales, eagles and wolves, a passion for the oceans and a deep respect for the night skies. I’ve spent decades exploring the world & my inner self, sitting in deep silence, engaging in community, exploring peaceful communication, balancing complexity & simplicity, trusting my intuition, and sensing into the deep connection of all life. Now I have a basecamp in Portugal and do my work online, when I’m not taking people on trips around the world. I’m curious how it would be to live in a democracy of all species, when all humans work for the sustainability of life on Earth.

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about myself

A traveler and a dreamer, I like to move softly around the globe. I go where I feel guided to be, animated by the joy of connection.

I was born by the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal, late in the winter of 1977. I’ve traveled in 100 countries, lived and worked in many of them, and there are a handful of places I keep going back to. Everything in my life has that diverse multicultural multi landscape filter. My life has a nomadic flow and a sweet grounded tone, well rooted in a heart that beats with the whole. I am committed to being happy for the benefit of all beings.

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When I was 15 I felt very confused with the world. I could feel my dreams and sense an existence that was pure beauty, while I engaged with a lived reality that was much more limited than what I knew could be lived. I had one big question that encompassed all other questions: “What is blue?“… I spent years wondering. The answers I found didn’t feel fulfilling. They lacked truth, depth, perspective, freshness, and space for questioning. I continued to ask the same question. I knew there was more to that. In 1995 I met my first teacher of Tibetan Buddhism. Immediately I knew I was on the right path, that this was my way to blue. A depth inside me awoke, authenticity resonated, and I felt at home. The appearance of things did not change, but my perception did. As soon as possible I traveled to Tibet, Nepal and India to continue my spiritual explorations. I was home, on track, feeling blessed and grateful. I kept finding perfect teachers at the right time, following my intuition to guide me to my lessons, and sitting to do my daily practice. Meditation grounded me, silence was everything.

I continued to travel and found the most wonderful lessons on the road. Traveling is my biggest passion. I am in awe of this beautiful planet, the many cultures that inhabit it, the pure life process,  the miracles, pure joy and wisdom that I encounter all over the world. More than 20 years being nomadic expanded how I see the world, who I am, what animates my life, and the dance of ongoing miracles. In the traveled miles I found inner safe grounds. Traveling is the most magical thing I know.

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While exploring the world, I also did an MA in Systemic Psychology at the University of Lisbon, and later took an MA in Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths, the University of London. I love the psychology of human life, to investigate and reflect on how we come to create that which we call “ourselves” and that which we name “our culture”. What I enjoyed the most in academia was the connected & focused friendships, the excitement of think tanks, some deeply enthusiastic professors, the early mornings of profound philosophical group constructions, and reading brilliant pieces of writing that changed my life.

In my time living in London I realized that my life needed more nature. I decided to leave cities. At the same time I started longing for community. Since I left London in 2008, I only go to cities for short visits. When I tried to live a different life I felt frustrated, unable to live out my ideals. But I was determined to follow through. I wanted to walk my talk. A huge step in that direction was the 5 week Ecovillage Design Education course at Findhorn, in Scotland. There I discovered a strong, wildly natural, beautiful, powerful and simple way of living together. I found great tools, like the Way of Council, Sociocracy and Non violent Communication. I gathered skills for Social Design and started to feel like an architect of new possible worlds.

At that same time Ecopsychology and Deep Ecology naturally flowed into my life, offering names and blueprints for things I intuitively knew. Many times, when I had been with people in a private practice for a psychology session, I had intuitively felt that people needed fresh air, nature connection, to sit by a tree, look at the ocean, to get in tune with the wild. I learned about Nature Deficit Disorder and finally I could give a name to what my intuition had been trying to say. I started to understand how deeply our connection to nature is related to our well being and to the quality with which we live our lives. We are nature, and any routine that separates us from that wild reality is not life affirming.

I rewilded myself, walking barefoot, sleeping outdoors and simplifying my life. Having a more direct experience of life. I organized nature connection workshops and experienced nature opening up to nature.


After having lived all over our gorgeous planet, in the Spring of 2017 I found myself in Cascais, in the west coast of Portugal, setting my base-camp by the Atlantic. Now when I travel I always come back here. It became my favorite base-camp in the world, the one that nourishes me the most. It’s my nest and also the place where I love to welcome friends, to cook, to garden, and create deeply rooted projects. I love it here.



I’m happy sharing with the world that which I love to do! Those things that make my heart beat fast, bring me to that wonderful state of flow, bringing full enthusiasm and excitement for being alive. I’m grateful for sharing my passion for Social Design, people’s transformation processes, groups at different times of their cycles, nature, community, and travel. I’m glad to be alive at a time when these practices are becoming more active and common. I trust this path of connection to bring depth and beauty to the world * and I dedicate my work to the benefit of all living beings.

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