Travel Coaching

I’m a natural born traveler. The total highlight for me being long hikes where I walk for weeks through forests and mountains and I get to deeply connect with nature, silence, and myself.

The nomadic lifestyle of our ancestors resonates in me, as if I could feel their heart beats as they moved freely on Earth. All of my adult life has been spent living and traveling around the globe. I feel at home in many landscapes and cultures, and am enriched by the diversity of land and species, experiences, languages, food and smiles that I share across this abundant planet.

I’ve been traveling on my own since 1996, and I’ve always loved to research about new locations, make wild travel plans, share unique travel tips with other travelers, motivate people to go explore new places, encourage friends to go back places to deepen specialĀ  bonds, to fall in love with all corners of the globe, and be excited about life on the road.

Maybe you feel like traveling but you have doubts… Which direction to follow? How long to travel for? How to move around sustainably? What to pack? How to communicate in unknown languages? How to organize travel expenses? How to lower the carbon footprint? How to be a responsible traveler? How to contribute to the local community? How to stay vegan on the road? Is it safe for a woman to travel solo? Will you feel lonely? How to be an introvert on the road? How to travel ultralight? I’m never too far from my backpack so all these issues are part of my life always.

Maybe you’re an experienced traveler and want help making an off the beaten track itinerary. Those are my favorite!

Maybe you want encouragement taking a year off to travel the world. I’ve done it a few times and cannot recommend it more!

Maybe you just want to talk over some things before you head off…

Maybe you’re on the road and could use some grounding to set you on your path again.

Perhaps you want to travel to find yourself.

Wherever you are on this process, I’d love to help you get ready to pack and go!

All information you share with me is confidential.

English / Portuguese / Spanish available.

Book a clarity call here so we can get to know each other and can discuss all the details. After that I will send you a proposal and we can start working together.