Travel Consultancy

I’m a traveler. Was born a traveler, and as far as I can see will always be a traveler.

Since I remember myself, I’ve been planning trips, offering travel tips to friends and travel buddies, sharing the beauty of exploring new places, getting people on the travel mood and sharing my enthusiasm about being on the road.

I’ll be happy to do it for you too!

Maybe you’re trying to decide on the destination, how long to travel for, your mode of transportation, what to pack, how to communicate while on the road, how to organize the expenses, who to travel with, how to travel alone, how to stay vegan on the road, how to pack ultralight… there are endless questions! and they are all so familiar to me 🙂 I spend most of my life on the road!

I love to share hints & travel tips 😉 send me a message, book a session.

Soon you’ll be on the road!

60 min