Way of Council

When I joined the Ecovillage Design Education course at Findhorn, in Scotland,  we spent 5 weeks siting in circle! We would learn in circle, share, decide, celebrate and address difficulties in circle. That experience changed my life! It was something so natural, I felt like I had known that way of being all along. I felt like I was coming home, to the circle!

Since Findhorn, I’ve been sitting in circle whenever I can, and it always brings me this feeling of being home, the beautiful connection to everyone, the expansion of who I am, the beauty of interconnectedness, the collective wisdom, the voice of the circle and the heartbeat spreading into many hearts. I love it!

In 2014 I took a Way of Council training with Rob Dreaming in Portugal. You can read about the Way of Council and Rob’s work here.

I love to sit in circle! Facilitating circles all over the globe I am constantly in awe with how similar we are across cultures and ages and religions and geography. We’re one! And in circle it’s easier to know that. I find it such a nourishing experience, this simple thing of sitting in circle and sharing.

If you feel the calling to have a circle and would like my support with that, please send me a message through the CONTACT form. Thank you!