Travel Coaching

Everyone has oceans to fly, as long as they have the heart to do it. It is reckless? Maybe, but what do dreams know of boundaries?

– Amelia Earhart, first person to fly solo across the Pacific Ocean


My biggest passion in life is to travel. When I was three years old I knew I wanted to be a backpacker when I grew up. Now I’ve achieved that dream! I started it in the 90’s when I didn’t know any other backpacker here in Portugal. People thought I was a little strange, but I had a dream and nothing was going to keep me from traveling! The world started to catch up, and now traveling solo and traveling in general became a very common thing to do. I love to be part of that world transformation towards a more nomadic flow. I love my nomadic lifestyle I call home.

For the last 22 years I’ve been traveling the world. I’ve worked, loved, explored, laughed, lived and walked in 100 countries. I go back to some of my favorite countries, while I also keep exploring new places. Mostly I fall in love with nature and people, the brightness of the light and something life changing that happens to me there. I have an inner compass that I pay careful attention to, and it tells me where to go, when, and how long for. I almost always travel on my own, and then I meet a beautifully random bunch of people who become part of my inter-weaved experience of that journey and of this big life journey. Some fellow travelers become my long life best friends, and our web is my nomadic family.

Because I love traveling, I feel that it breathes through me, it makes my eyes sparkle when I talk about it, it activates my whole being into happiness and it draws the sense of purpose to my life.

Since I was a teenager I remember making travel plans for others, intuiting what may be someone’s magical destination, designing journeys focused on a transformational travel theme, suggesting itineraries and empowering people to travel. One day I noticed that most of my time was dedicated to doing exactly that, with joy and a sense of flow and commitment, aware that the world needs more travelers. So I created this thing I call Travel Coaching.

Travel Coaching is my way of working with you to support your journeys of inner change that take place around the beautiful globe! I find this work exciting, with that unique feeling of being on the road, where magic so easily happens *

Sessions are 90 min.

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::: There’s a whole world out there waiting to love you!!