Coral Psychology

One on One sessions. Your own special time. A multitude of tools and possibilities, adjusted to what needs to happen right then. Full presence, trust the process.

I explore my own creative ways to work as a Psychologist.

In these One on One sessions I use tools from systemic therapy, collaborative practices, narrative therapy, Eco-psychology, Tibetan Buddhism, Non Violent Communication, coaching, the Louise Hay method, nature connection, the Transformation game, mindfulness, forest therapy, travel therapy, and a mix of deep rooted wisdom I have found in the 100 countries I travelled.

I call it coral, because it’s a journey towards the coral meme according to spiral dynamics. Coral is more imaginative.

The sessions happen in person in Cascais, or remotely over ZOOM/Skype. In English, Portuguese, or Spanish. They last 60 min.

Please send me a message using the CONTACT form. Thank you * Obrigada!