Nature Connection

Can you feel the power of nature connection? Of feeling your breath as it goes in and out of your body, the soles of your feet caressing the ground, your heart jumping and your temperature changing, the flow of all body fluids and the energy that animates your beingness. How all of that connects with all other beings, all hearts beating, all tides changing, stars becoming alive, and all expanding, reaching all life, always. Have you felt it?

That feeling is what drives me to facilitate nature connections sessions, moments, workshops. The interconnectedess of us all, flowing alive.

Individual sessions are 45 min, with practical work to go do outdoors.



My Nature Connection work is inspired by incredible work that has changed my life:

Deep Ecology ::: Joanna Macy

Last child in the woods ::: Richard Louv

Deep Nature Connection ::: Jon Young

Way of Nature ::: John P. Milton

Eco-Psychology ::: David Key

Shinrin Yoku // Forest Therapy

What hiking does to the brain!