Conscious Relationship

Relationships. That beautiful element that is present throughout our lives. That essential part of being human.

I’ve always loved the essence of relationship, and from an early age I felt the blueprints present as possible where not enough for what I wanted to explore. All the pre-defined forms didn’t interest me, and I knew there were many more possibilities to relate. So I set out to experiment new ones, to establish ways to keep innovating and reinventing the fascinating bonds we create while relating to one another.

Conscious Relationship sessions are a space where you can talk to me openly, where I listen to you and share insights I have on your issue. I may point you towards a particular body of work, a book, a retreat, or a course. Or we may just talk together and extend the field of possibility of what it is to be in relationship to another. We may set practices for you to experiment to enhance your relationship, to calm anxiety, to set boundaries, to experiment sexuality in different ways, to make common agreements, to create a common goal, or any other detail that fits your situation.

I’m a Psychologist, but these sessions are not therapy. You may find them quite therapeutical, because I will me present to your story, with empathy and an open mind, and will perhaps share with you another possible perspective on the same story. That in itself can bring healing and open space inside.

The goal of these sessions is to ground conscious relationships, and to open the way for many shapes of relating.

Sessions are confidential. 60 min. Book here.